Tuesday, June 1, 2010

His Kryptonite

I can smell it in his room, Smell it in his house, and Smell it in his car. I can smell them everywhere. It is like they never leave. They are always around us, tempting him, and laughing at me. Most of the time I can shake it off and say it is the last time I will smell them. But it never goes away. It fallows me all the way to my home. Even when I’m laying in my bed crying at night I can smell them. He knows that I can smell them and the scent is just as strong as him smelling them. He sees the pain in my eyes, sees what it does to me and yet he does not stop. When he heads for the door again to go on tour or even finish up a record deal I know it is a lie. For he has a weakness I’ve known about for some time now. Almost like a weakness like superman has with the beautiful shinny green rock Kryptonite. It looks beautiful but get too close and it can hurt you. Only for my baby it is a different kind of hurt. For he does not know it but my heart will not take anymore. I will not take the pain he is throwing at me. My friends and family say it is not healthy to stay, to be around a man who does not care. To be with a man that lies cheats and breaks my heart. I agree I can’t do it anymore. I don’t want to try and love him anymore. The damage is done and I’m leaving tonight. For when he goes to the “studio” later I will pack and be on my way. When the time is coming for him to leave he pulls me close and says he wants me to wait up for him tonight for he has something to share that he made specifically for me. I nod my head as he kisses me on the cheek saying in my mind “Yea right you freak.” He left and drove away and I got into my car as well driving to my girl’s house letting everything settle on to my heart. A few days later after I would not answer any of his calls, I was driving to the salon. I turn up the radio to hear his voice saying the vary words that I knew he always wanted to say…

I want you to be my lois lane,
Girl I promise I'm gonna change, and it aint gonna be this way forever,
Girl I'm gonna get myself together, cause your the one I love,
Because your like a drug that I can't get enough of,
I'm just so confused, dont know what to do,
Cause the way that it's feeling, I like how it's feeling,
It's getting so hard, to fight that feeling.

I wanna be your superman,
I'm trying to save our love the best way that I can,
Cause these girls they're like kryptonite,
These girls my kryptonite,
These girls got kryptonite,
These girls my kryptonite,
And I really wanna make it work, but I cant stop messing round,
I'm here doing dirt,
Cause these girls they're like kryptonite,
These girls my kryptonite,
These girls got kryptonite,
These girls my kryptonite,
Oh baby.

Monday, May 17, 2010

GoAnimate.com: The Dance off

GoAnimate.com: The Dance off by anjel10

Like it? Create your own at GoAnimate.com. It's free and fun!

Monday, May 10, 2010

May Project

I'm going to do a go animet project. I personally don't know what the animet will be about but I would like it to be a comedy. Something very funny that teens can relate to. Something to do with relationships and how they can go bad or good for people at there age. Since the kids don't listen to there parents they may listen to someone with experience that is there age.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Collaborative Writting

This assignment was off the hook!!!! I loved working with 4 other people to write a story. I would do it again if I could. There is so much talent in these students that I didn't even know about. They have wide imagination, and willingness to participate. This is a really good group, I could even see us all making a short story and publishing it on the Internet or something like that. We all have so many different ideas it was great to hear from everyone and see what they have to say. Even the most shy of people came out and really showed us what they can do as a writer! It was so cool!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Thisn Weekend

Hello again. This weekend I was chilling with my mom. We went shopping and did our nails and just chilled in our beds and watched Star Wars! The first thing we did was go shopping at DSW for some shoes for my mom. But me being Anjelica I had to buy some shoes also. And I found the most sexy shoes ever. I'm wearing them now. They are GUESS brand sandals that are jet black and have little studs on them! And to make it better me mom and I bought some nail polish that is neon orange and purple that look so good on us. She got the orange and I got the purple! So on Sunday I did me toes and my finger nails! I feel so hot right now eve if I'm not dressed up at all today. I am in a very good mood today but just the little things in life like getting some shoes and doing my nails makes me feel beautiful.

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Future of communication (BULL)

Ok I am a believer so I personally do not believe that we as man are god!!!! Yes, we are smart for making things, for example the radio and TV and even the telephone, but we are NOT God. I am not concerned about the future of our technology for now I just want to focus on graduation. That is my first and only priority. Sure it is very cool to learn the new ipods that are coming out or even the cell phones but pushing it as far as 10 years in the future can wait till we get to those 10 years. Or even if we get to the next 10 years!